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Smith Interiors is an independent provider with an enviable reputation for its superior construction services throughout the wider Wellington region. Our efficient, highly skilled team of builders work within both the residential and commercial building industries.
We provide a raft of services, including (but not limited to) carpentry, suspended ceiling and proprietary partitioning installation, and GIB fixing and stopping.
Led by Jeremy Smith, Smith Interiors was established in 2012, after 13 years experience sub-contracting, To this day Smith Interiors in independently  owned, but continues to grow in size.  We provide a raft of services including (but not limited to) complete building & construction services of Carpentry, Suspended Ceilings & Proprietary Partitioning installation, GIB Fixing & Stopping in both the commercial and residential building industry.
Smith Interiors utilises its skilled and dedicated staff to enable projects to run smoothly, efficiently, on time and in a safely manner, from stage one through to projects completion. 

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